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Chef-Inspired, Global Cuisine

With an extensive repertoire of world cuisines, The Vegetarian Gourmet brings you a wide array of vegan, vegetarian, and non-vegetarian menu options that everyone on your guest list are sure to enjoy.

Our menus are each crafted by chef Margaret Riesen, a long-time vegetarian and culinary instructor specializing in plant-based cuisines. Every dish is prepared with only the freshest, organic, high quality, locally sourced, and sustainably raised ingredients. When you work with The Vegetarian Gourmet, we help you create a culinary experience that will wow your guests and make you look good.

Cuisines of the Americas

Here you’ll find specialties from the American Southwest, the American South, Mexico, Latin America and the Caribbean . . . try it, you’ll like it! All our menus are custom designed to suit your needs and occasion. Here are samples of some of our specialties – other options are available.

Goat’s cheese quesadillas w/avocado-mango salsa

Mini empanadas w/chimichurri sauce:
Black beans / onion / chilies / cilantro / yam / plantain / garlic

Torta Azteca – organic polenta w/onion, chilies, bell pepper, garlic, queso fresco, cilantro

Cuban style polenta w/chilies, seared veggies, tomato paste, cilantro, cream
Choice of chicken, shrimp OR vegetarian protein

Mexican posole w/seared veggies, hominy, chilies, garlic, spices
Choice of chicken, vegan “meat” or beans

Creamy quinoa risotto w/yam, onion, mushrooms, truffle oil, queso fresco

Jambalaya w/seared veggies, cajun spices & fresh herbs
Choice of chicken OR vegan “meat”

Spanish style rice with chilies, tomatoes, celery, cilantro

Black beans with mango, tomato, corn, avocado in a lime/cilantro dressing

Cuban style black beans w/seared veggies, condiments, cream

Quinoa with julienned vegetables, tomato, orange zest and light marinade

Salad of beets, cabbage with candied pineapple and avocado dressing

Painted Desert coleslaw: finely shredded cabbage and veggies in a lime marinade

Mexican wedding cookies

Mexican flan w/caramelized sugar, cinnamon

Cuisines of Southeast Asia

Our offerings include specialties from the famed Silk Road, India, Thailand, and other parts of Southeast Asia. All our menus are custom designed to suit your needs and occasion. Here are samples of some of our specialties – other options are available.

Spring rolls with julienned vegetables, baked tofu or shrimp, and peanut-hoisin sauce

Indian breads served with a variety of relishes & chutneys – choice of 3:
– Fresh tomato & onion chutney (w/garam masala & ginger)
– Cucumber raita w/chili, onion, mint
– Fresh coriander relish (w/chili, coconut, lemon)

Vegetable samosas (filled with potato, corn, peas, mint)

Pad-Thai noodles with sprouted marinated tofu or tempeh, bean sprouts, peanuts

Indonesian rice with grilled vegetables, veg. protein, thin strips of egg omelet

Lentil Dhal w/roasted garlic & whole spices, garnished with yogurt, cucumber, tomato & cilantro

Thai eggplant in ginger-cashew curry (w/garlic, tomato, basil)

Masala chana – tamarind-seasoned chickpea stew

Salad with mixed greens, julienned vegetables, hard-boiled egg and curried peanut sauce

Rice noodles with cucumber, mango, cilantro, toasted peanuts

Cooked vegetable salad with julienned vegetables, mushrooms and fresh ginger sauce

Pumpkin biryani w/quinoa & pistachios

Green lentils w/spinach & chipotle (w/tomato, garlic, star anise, cardamom)

Cauliflower, peas and potato curry

Cuisines of the Mediterranean

Our Mediterranean specialties bring you the finest cuisines from North Africa, the Middle East, Greece, Italy, Provence, and Spain. All our menus are custom designed to suit your needs and occasion. Here are samples of some of our specialties – other options are available.

Selection of relishes – served w/crudités, organic breads, high-end crackers:
– Baba ganouj (roasted eggplant w/tahini, lemon, garlic)
– Black olive tapenade (w/kalamata olives, sundried tomato, garlic, walnuts)
– Muhammara (roasted bell pepper, chili, garlic, pomegranate molasses, walnuts)
– White beans with garlic & caramelized onion

Bruschetta platter w/crostini, fresh mozzarella, grape-olive relish

Slices of spanakopita (Greek phyllo specialty w/spinach, feta, egg)

Slices of briouates (Moroccan phyllo specialty w/lamb, caramelized onion, ginger, cilantro, egg)

Fragrant Middle Eastern casserole w/lentils, garbanzos, vegetables, saffron, cinnamon
Choice of lamb or all-vegan

Spanish style paella w/seared vegetables, chilies, tomatoes, saffron, garlic, pimenton
Choice of chicken, seafood, Spanish chorizo or vegetarian

Moroccan tagine w/yam, carrots, dried plums, cilantro, veg. protein
Choice of lamb or all-vegan

Moroccan chicken tagine w/pearl onion, dried apricot, preserved lemon

Moroccan fish tagine w/white fish, seared onions, bell pepper, chili, olives, preserved lemon

Cameroon curried vegetable stew w/root vegetables, marinated tofu & coconut milk (vegan)

Organic polenta w/tomato, marjoram, fontina, gorgonzola, pecorino

Platter of grilled seasonal vegetables in light balsamic herbal marinade

Silk Road pilaf w/bulgur, French lentils, caramelized onion, dried cherries, saffron, toasted nuts

Persian rice w/caramelized onion & carrot, orange zest, saffron, dried currants

Mixed seasonal greens and vegetables, seasonal fruit & agrodolce dressing

Israeli style chopped salad w/chickpeas, cucumber, celery, tomato, olives, feta, cilantrol

Turkish potato salad w/potato, heirloom tomato, cucumber, green onion, dill, vinaigrette, egg

Arugula w/watermelon, feta, mint, lemon juice, olive oil

Pan de Higos – Spanish fig bread w/toasted nuts, spices, chocolate, anise liqueur (vegan)

Italian flourless chocolate cake w/almonds, orange zest

French chocolate mousse w/whipped cream & fresh berries

Sample Fish Specialties

Like all our cuisines, our fish offerings span the globe. Fish are locally sourced, of the highest quality, and recommended on the Seafood Watch list. All our menus are custom designed to suit your needs and occasion. Here are samples of some of our specialties – other options are available.

Crab cakes with spicy dipping sauce

Gravlax – Scandinavian style marinated salmon w/tarragon & lime zest

Spanish style paella w/seared vegetables, saffron, garlic, pimenton & shrimp or white fish,
Spanish chorizo (optional)

Baked salmon with cucumber relish & dill-mayonnaise dressing (on the side)

Moroccan fish tagine w/ white fish, seared vegetables, olives, preserved lemon, cilantro

Fish escabeche – a Peruvian specialty w/white fish, partially marinated, marinated vegetables

Bourride – a Provençal dish w/white fish and potato, in a garlicky saffron broth

Root vegetables in dill vinaigrette w/chopped egg & pickled herring

Salade Niçoise – green beans, baby potato, tomato, olives, basil
In garlicky vinaigrette, topped with albacore tuna and chopped egg

Sample Vegan Specialties

Our offerings span the globe, with many ethnic traditions, and are designed to please even the most hardcore carnivores. All our menus are custom designed to suit your needs and occasion. Here are samples of some of our vegan specialties – other options are available.

Trio of relishes, served with crostini, breads & crackers:
– Israeli style hummus (served warm w/whole chickpeas, parsley, green onion)
– Muhammara (roasted pepper relish w/walnuts, pomegranate molasses, olive oil, garlic)
– Baba ganouj (roasted eggplant, tahini, lemon, garlic)

Lettuce cups w/curried tofu salad

Polenta rounds w/vegan cheese & sundried tomato

Moroccan tagine with broad beans, cherry tomato, olives, cilantro

Moroccan tagine with yams, carrots, caramelized onion, dried plums, cilantro
With choice of vegetarian “meat”

Cameroon style curried root vegetable stew w/tofu & coconut cream

Masala chana (tamarind-seasoned chickpea stew)

Spanish style paella w/seared vegetables, saffron, garlic, pimenton
With vegetarian “meat,” smoked tempeh OR ayocote beans

Mexican posole w/hominy, seared vegetables, chilies, onion, garlic, cilantro
With vegetarian “chicken” and smoked tempeh

Platter of grilled seasonal vegetables in light balsamic herbal marinade

Persian wedding rice w/caramelized onion & carrot, saffron, cinnamon, dried fruit, toasted nuts

King Solomon Salad w/wheat berries, barley, dates, grapes, olives, figs, pomegranate
Served on bed of greens / microgreens – can include vegan feta

Black beans w/fresh organic corn, mango, tomato, avocado, cilantro, lime

Israeli style chopped salad w/tomato, cucumber, celery, vegan feta, olives, romaine

Turkish potato salad with cucumber, tomato, green onion, dill, vinaigrette

Salad of mixed greens with sliced seasonal fruit & seeds

Pan de higos – Spanish fig bread w/dried figs, toasted nuts, spices, chocolate, anise liqueur

Majoun – Moroccan specialty w/dried fruit, toasted nuts, spices, sesame

Seasonal fruit salad w/orange blossom water, dried figs, mint

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“When I hosted a party, everyone enjoyed the delicious spread, even my meat-eater friends.”

Maricela L.
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“Wow! The dishes were fresh, full of flavor, nutritious and delicious.”

Shimul R.
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“Margaret’s Vegetarian Gourmet is simply the most impressive cuisine for anyone – vegetarian or not!”

Allison B.
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“Margaret was fabulous to work with. We had our private event catered by her company and it was amazing!”

Afreen C.
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“I can’t even begin to say what a gift it is to eat the Vegetarian Gourmet’s food.”

Mattie H.

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