Specialty Events

Friday Dinner
Frittata w/sprouted tofu, curry, leeks
Quinoa w/julienned vegetables & fresh herbs
Farmer’s market salad
Black Thai rice w/coconut milk, fresh berries, coconut ice cream (vegan)

Saturday — Breakfast

Tortilla Española (egg frittata w/purple potatoes, bell pepper, onions, parsley, peas)
Gluten free granola, rice or almond milk
Greek Yogurt
Fresh fruit salad

Saturday — Lunch

Short-grain brown rice w/julienned vegetables, fresh tomato, light vinaigrette
Cleopatra salad with lettuce, tomato, olives, avocado, croutons (gf), garlicky vinaigrette, pecorino (on the side)
Butternut squash mulligatawny soup
Fruit crisp

Saturday — Dinner

Mexican red posole with hominy, roasted vegetables, red beans, cilantro, avocado
Painted Desert coleslaw w/cabbage, carrots, bell pepper, cilantro vinaigrette
Arroz escarlata – rice w/pureed beets
Fresh fruit, Mexican wedding cookies

Sunday — Breakfast

Tofu and vegetable scramble
Fresh salsa
Black beans w/caramelized onion & plantain
Seasonal fruit

Sunday — Lunch

Slices of polenta w/fresh & sundried tomato, grated cheese
Roasted seasonal vegetables w/olive oil & balsamic
Mixed greens w/arugula & orange
Pan de Higos – Spanish fig bread (vegan, gluten-free)

Beverage Selections
Hot or Iced Herbal Tea Selections