Cuisines from

California & The Americas

First Course

Warm queso fresco with olive oil, garlic, fresh basil

Layered torta of heirloom beans, with guacamole, red salsa, sour cream

Quesadilla bar w/variety of salsas
(black bean salsa, avocado/mango, guacamole, tomato/onion/cilantro)

Cucumber cups with shrimp ceviche (or spicy tofu filling)

Main Courses

Posole – a rich tradition of slowly simmered hominy, chilies & spices – served w/condiments & avocado
(choice of vegan w/black ayocote beans or chicken)

Cuban black bean stew with seared vegetables, cream & salsa
(with or without Serrano ham)

Torta Azteca: blue corn polenta with onion, bell pepper, chilies, spicy cilantro sauce, queso fresco

Coconut/pineapple rice: w/toasted coconut, vegetables, spices, toasted almonds
(choice of chicken, sliced ham OR thinly sliced egg omelets)

Feijoada – spicy black beans w/vegetables, tomato

Salads, Sides & Vegetables

Platter of grilled seasonal vegetables with light cilantro/lime marinade

Choice of rice (white or brown basmati):
Green rice w/spinach & cilantro
Red rice w/tomato & bell pepper
Scarlet rice w/butter & puréed beets
Pineapple coconut rice w/julienned vegetables

Quinoa with julienned vegetables, cucumber, orange zest, green onion

Spicy lentils with caramelized onion, chilies, pineapple & plantain

Black beans with mango, tomato, corn, avocado in a lime/cilantro dressing

Mixed baby greens w/grilled beets, red cabbage, jicama, candied pineapple and avocado dressing

Painted Desert coleslaw w/shredded cabbage, carrots, green onion, cilantro, lime dressing


Mexican wedding cookies

Traditional Mexican flan (plain or with coconut)

Jamaican fruit trifle (layers of cake, cream, dash of rum and tropical fruit)

Coconut cake with white chocolate ganache & fresh berries

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