Cuisines from

Asia & the Silk Road

First Course

Indian breads served with relishes & chutneys

(tomato/pumpkin relish, cucumber raita, mint, apple, lime and walnut chutney)

Vegetable Samosas

Main Courses

Dal (split peas or lentils) with yogurt, cucumber, tomato & cilantro

Pad Thai noodles with vegetables

Mung bean with onion & tomato

Black eye peas with tomato, ginger, yogurt

Chicken or Quorn “Chicken” with potatoes, onions, coconut milk

Balti stir-fried vegetables with cashew nuts

Balti dhal with spring onions & tomatoes

Spicy potato & tomato curry, with hard-boiled eggs as garnish

Spiced vegetable curry with yogurt

Mixed vegetable curry with slivered almonds & yogurt

Masala chana (chick peas w/tomato, onion, spices)

Saag Paneer with spinach and tofu

Salads, Sides & Vegetables

Potatoes and green peas in yogurt sauce

Silk Road pilaf (w/bulgur, lentils, caramelized onion, dried cherry, saffron, fresh herbs)

Nut pulao with cashews, walnuts, cardamom & carrots

Vegetables & beans with curry leaves

Eggplant with yogurt sauce

Mushrooms with fennel & ginger

Aubergines with apple

Cauliflower, peas and potato curry

Spinach & yogurt pachadi

Raw salad of moong dal with cucumber and coconut

Mango salad with chili, coconut & yogurt

Green beans with coconut

Rice pilau with saffron and caramelized vegetables

Cachumbar (Indian salad)


Lassi (yogurt drink) – either sweet or savory

Indian chai tea (with black tea, spices, milk)

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