We only use the freshest ingredients

from trusted local vendors, including local farmers and producers.


The Vegetarian Gourmet Catering is offering Delivered Nutritious Fresh Prepared Meals.

Given our current situation surrounding the Covid-19 virus, and with so many lives being impacted, we feel the urgency on getting access to healthy prepared food. We are now providing weekly catered meals delivered to homes and office across the east bay area.

Are you looking to limit your exposure to crowded stores, while staying healthy and saving time preparing meals every day?

The Vegetarian Gourmet Catering delivers delicious, healthy, balanced and satisfying meals to your home or place of business.

With Weekly Meal Express you can enjoy the pleasures of healthy, organic, plant-based home cooking without all the work – it’s as easy as eating out, with all the benefits of eating in.

Ingredients are sourced from high-end local vendors, and meals are prepared in accordance with the highest principles of safe food handling. Our commercial kitchen downtown Oakland adheres to the strictest sanitation and safety rules, with all surfaces scoured and sanitized on a regular basis. Our staff is certified in food safety rules, and everyone will be protecting the foods they handle while wearing rubber gloves.

At this time, raw foods like salads will be bought in sealed containers to avoid direct handling, and will come with a bottle of organic vinaigrette dressing. Additional salad ingredients will have been lightly cooked, roasted, or blanched. Meals will be delivered in disposable (mostly compostable) and/or reusable containers. Most foods can be reheated for additional safety precautions.

We are open to suggestions – if you have special wishes, please let us know. We are here to serve, and want to provide you with the best value and convenience for this service.

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Healthy, delicious food is our birthright and something to enjoy and share with loved ones.

We are currently delivering meals to Oakland, Berkeley and Alameda

Cuisines from around the world.

Fabulous global plant-based cuisines – vegetarian and non-vegetarian

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