. . . sounds so much better than “Senior Moment”, don’t you think? But memory loss is no laughing matter. It currently affects 5.7 million Americans, and that number is expected to increase to over 14 million Americans by 2050.


Is it inevitable? What we know is this. According to Dementia.org, trace elements and chemicals found in packaged foods have been found to damage brain chemistry. A study published in the University of Minnesota’s Chemical Research & Toxicology Journalfound that . . . “regular intake of diacetyl influences the buildup of beta amyloid proteins in the brain”. This buildup, which causes clumping, is now considered one of the PRIMARY CONTRIBUTING FACTORS TO THE ONSET OF ALZHEIMER’S DISEASE.


Diacetyl, you say . . . never touch the stuff. Think again . . . how many times do you eat “buttered” popcorn? Diacetyl is a chemical that delivers the “buttery” flavor in popcorn and many other packaged foods. Wonder why you didn’t know that . . . it’s because there is NO MANDATE FOR PRINTED WARNINGS. The lesson? Stay away from processed foods – and avoid food products with “natural flavorings”. Michael Pollan: “Eat Food. Not too much. Mostly plants.”