B’nai Mitzvah Catering Favorites

We love the challenge of creating kosher-style menus that appeal to young and old alike. Sometimes, that means offering two menus – one for the adults, and one for the young people. Consider this sampling of menus that consistently meet with success.


Year-round favorites are the cuisines of the Mediterranean, which offer variety, fresh local ingredients, and something for everyone, including fabulous selections in the Sephardic tradition. Appetizers include a sampling of beautiful cheeses, marinated olives, a hummus bar, a smoky baba ganouj with pomegranate seeds, or a spicy Moroccan muhammara. Main courses span the entire Mediterranean rim: a Greek spanakopita, a creamy polenta, a Spanish paella, a Moroccan tagine.


Sides might include grilled vegetables, Israeli style chopped vegetable salad, King Solomon salad (with 2 grains and 5 fruit), or watermelon salad with feta and mint – to mention a fraction of our selections.


When it comes to dessert, an ice cream bar for the young crowd is a hands-down winner. We include two or three flavors of artisanal ice creams, syrups, sprinkles, sliced fruit, toasted nuts, whipped cream. For non-alcoholic beverages, young people always enjoy our Italian soda bar with sparkling waters and syrups .


It’s an honor to cater your milestone celebrations, where family and friends, young and old, come together in loving community. We work with your vision and budget to help create the celebration of your dreams, with an ambience that matches the occasion. We make it easy, and we make you look good!