Post-Holiday Parties — why not?

Holiday-CookiesOne way to take the stress out of the Holidays is to not cram everything into the month of December. Why not prolong the celebratory mood and schedule some of your gatherings in January? A survey published in FORBES magazine found that people associate the Holidays primarily with family. For this reason, the current trend is to move get-togethers with friends, business contacts and clients into January. People are more relaxed, but still in a festive mood, without all the Holiday stress. Given the huge build-up and hype — and the very short span of actual Holiday events — there is still plenty of energy waiting to be expressed. When planning a get-together in January, scheduling is not a problem, and gone is the anxiety of looking for supplies among crabby and stressed out Holiday shoppers. Deferred gratification? I think not . . .  it’s an opportunity to spend valuable time with friends and business partners, without the seasonal frenzy. Give it a try – and Happy Holidays!